Life insurance linked with member crop loan – premium paid to insurance co. under Janashree Bhima Yojana and Group Insurance Scheme by society funds. Claim benefit will be credited to the crop loan of the deceased member.

Scholarship under the Janashree Bhima Yojana – member’s children studying intermediate will be paid Rs. 1200/- each to a maximum of two children.

Janatha Accidental group policy – premium paid to insurance co. from the society funds. Any member dies accidentally, Benefit will be paid to his legal Heirs

Accidental Insurance on sale of fertilizers – Member who purchased the IFFCO fertilizer bags and dies of accidentally within one year from the date of purchase. An amount of Rs 4000/- per bag maximum of 25 bags i.e. Rs. 1,00,000/- will be paid to his legal heirs.

Insurance of Milch animals, Sheeps, Tractors and Harvestors, Paddy Plantation Machines.

promoting member life insurance from the interest received on Shares and Deposits.