Founder President

Sri Aligireddy Kasi Vishwanatha Reddy was born in the year 1926 in Mulkanoor village, Bheemadevarapally Mandal, Karimnagar District of Telangana, India. He had his early studies in Warangal and higher studies at Osmania University, Hyderabad. He participated in independence movement and struggle against the Nizam’s rule. Soon after independence,having understood the rural poverty and pathetic condition prevailed in this area. He decided to devoted rest of his life for the development and welfare of farmer community.

Late A Kasi Vishwanatha Reddy
(1926 - 1986)

Sri A.k. Vishwantha Reddy who believed in action then dreams organised the farmers in this area and educated them that self help and mutual help were the best alternative for them. He established a multi purpose Co-operative Society to address the rural poor and farmers fight against poverty. Sri Vishwanatha Reddy founded and lead Mulkanoor Cooperative Rural Bank and Marketing Society Ltd. as president during 1956 to 1986. He opted cooperative method

@To ensure members become optimum agriculture producers receiving fair financial return for their production

@To stop migration in search of work / livelihood.

@To ensure dependents on agriculture find enough work.