Share Capital:

Member join with initial share of Rs. 100/- and Share capital will be collected on each and every crop / term loan disbursed to the member.

Thrift Deposits:

Society is collecting self imposed deposit on transaction basis.

Other Deposits:

Fixed Deposits, Savings Deposits and Current Deposits are accepted by the society.

Crop Loans :

For various crops – Rs. 20,000/- per Acre, interest @ 7% PA. upto max of 10 Acres

Medium Term Loans :

Repayment in 3 Years i.e. 6 Installments / Each season as one installment

For the purpose of digging wells, installation of pumpsets, laying of pipe lines, Sprinklers, Drip Irrigation, Poultry, Dairy, Sheep rearing, Sericulture, Power Tiller, Power Sprayer, Maize Sheller, Tractor Trailer, Rotovetor, Toilets, Solar Lantern and LPG Gas etc., Repayment in 3 Years / 6 seasonal installments.

Long Term Loans:

Repayment in 7 years / 14 seasonal installments.

For the purchase of Tractors, Paddy Plantation machines, Harvesters and Orchards, Repayment in 7 years / 14 seasonal installments.

Normal Crop Loan:

Additional crop loan against shares and thrift deposits for Health, Higher Education, Marriage and Land Purchase / Housing.