Prior to the formation of Mulkanoor Cooperative Rural Bank and Marketing Society Ltd., (MCRB) in 1956 the farmers of (14) villages in the area of the society were suffered with many problems in raising crops and marketing their produce.

The farmers mostly depended on the rainfall to raise the crops. The lands in this area were covered with hillocks, poor soils, and lack of irrigation facilities. The farmers do not have access to finance, availability of input supply remunerative price for their produce were the problems of the farmers.

Under these circumstances Sri A.K. Vishwanatha Reddy a local agriculturist had selected (14) villages, conducted meetings of farmers and explained to them about the advantage of working together in a Cooperative endeavor for their prosperity.

Mulkanoor Cooperative Rural Bank
and Marketing Society Ltd.
Organisation Structure

  • Registered under Hyderabad Cooperative Societies Act 1952 in the year


  • Automatically Deemed into AP Cooperative Societies Act 1964 after its


  • Converted to MACS Act 1995 in the year 1995
  • This institution is practicing the best cooperative values to build up the

    farmer’s capability.